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How Arizona Coyotes Blogs Rank on Google

For the first time, this site has shown up on Google search results for the search “Coyotes blog.” It appears on the third page, so the placement isn’t likely to bring much traffic.

Here’s the order of other blogs devoted to the Arizona Coyotes for the same search:

  1. Five For Howling, SB Nation network
  2. Howlin’ Hockey, FanSided network
  3. HipChecks,  Sports Daily network
  4. Howls It Going, independent
  5. Arizona Coyotes Blog, independent
  6. Coyotes Can, independent
  7. CoyotesBlog.Com, independent
  8. Arizona Coyotes, YardBarker network

Three of the eight are currently inactive. HipChecks and Howls It Going last updated in early January and Coyotes Can’s most recent post was in 2011.

The search also turned up blogs for the Osoyoo Coyotes junior hockey team in Canada and a children’s running club in Santa Barbara, California. They would have been seventh and eighth on the list.

Site Launch

This site has been launched today with the goal of becoming an indispensable part of Arizona Coyotes fandom. We will cover games and transactions and provide a sampling of the most interesting commentary from professional media outlets and fans.