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League Should Look at Hanzal, Gudas Hits

Martin Hanzal of the Arizona Coyotes and Radko Gudas of the Philadelphia Flyers should be punished by the NHL for dirty hits during Saturday’s game, argues the HockeyBuzz blog:

Gudas’ name has come up too many times this season and during his career when it comes to borderline or over-the-line hits. It’s time the NHL does something about it. He’s been one of the Flyers’ best players down the stretch, too, but what’s right is right.

However, the response that Martin Hanzal chose –targeting Claude Giroux for a similarly dirty hit and then intimating afterwards that it was deliberate — is worthy of an in-person hearing and a long suspension.

What we’ve seen a lot in the NHL, though, is that they suspend mostly based on outcome.